Born in the Bermuda Islands from German mother and Italian father. At seven years old she moves to Pordenone, Italy, together with her parents and elder sister.
Padua and Milan in the meantime see the artist graduate and specialize in humanity disciplines. The following years together with international business activities; the artist releases her own artistic expression and intimate vent of emotions and self experiences.
“She lives the beauty of things, breathing at full lungs the oxygen of life.
Taking the time to enjoy the details and the irony of life.” 

Painting as a primary means of expression and artistic production, becomes a moment of isolation to the world, of secret rooms, introspective analysis, and therefore, a vent, usually during the night, when all is silent and new doors are opened. Art becomes a refuge, a project, in the beginning on its own; with the aim to awaken those emotional strings, dormant due to daily routine. Her works are abstract with no beginning or end…Many of these single works, are at the same time combined deliberately, with tendency to infinity, because this is their essence. These expressions for the artist are an adventure which lead to a world unknown to the most. Thirsty to get to know the unknown, the  rtist is in the research of a trip on her own. She draws from an imaginative imaginary to then filter reality, changing it completely.

The dichotomy between imaginary-reality/sensorial is the engine of the original painting, unique to the artist only. What can be said: is that, her art is an inspiring expression of the inner mind, which would like to be shared with the world. Colors, stains, strokes, various materials come together, in a window from which multisensory perceptions explode.

Her works are present in private and public collections.
She lives and works in Pordenone, in the heart of the North-East of Italy.

Exhibitions archive:

2010 “Rosso e Bianco” Ferrara Collective Exhibition

2011 Arte Roma fair

2012 Vernissage Apiedinudisullasabbia Pordenone

2013 AVM KM Rosso Permanent Exhibition Bergamo

2013 Biffi Arte “Silicio” Collective Exhibition Piacenza

2014 Contini Personal Exhibition Cortina

From 2014 Contini Gallery Exhibition Cortina

From 2014 Contini Gallery Exhibition London

From 2014 Luigi Proietti Gallery Exposition Cortina

2015 Padua Fair